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You have the POWER in 2019

How the word power is defined in the webster dictionary:

  • Power: the ability to act or produce an effect.
  • Power: physical might or mental efficiency.
  • Power: a source or means of supplying energy.
  • Power: of, relating to, or utilizing strength.

These are just a few reasons why we named our newest class, launching in 2019, barrePOWER. It’s the definition of a newfound strength, energy, and efficiency – that each of us holds within us. And it’s our mantra for 2019.
So what’s different about barrePOWER? It’s essentially an advanced version of our classic Barre All Levels class. It moves at a dynamic pace, with endurance challenges (read: supersets throughout class), and quicker transitions (read: multiple postures and moves within one exercise).  Expect full range of motion within each exercise, staggered with isometric moves, to maximize both heart rate and muscle fatigue (read: EPOC effect). Plus we’re adding in the use of more equipment, including new ankle weights, to maximize resistance, and therefore increasing your calorie burn as well as muscle mass over time.
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IMPORTANT! There will be a 10 class minimum pre-requisite prior to being able to attend this class. As we mentioned earlier, the concept of this class was to create an advanced level of our existing barre class. For your safety and to avoid injury, you must have prior knowledge and practice of the technique.
If all of this sounds intimidating, DON’T be!! What we love perhaps most about this class, is that it’s F-U-N (although those ankle weights are a close contender). It doesn’t feel like 55 minutes of torture, it’s a class that provides you the rare ability to burn as many calories as you would in a spin class or out for a run, but while keeping your body safe.
There’s a growing realization that relentless, punishing, long workouts aren’t always better. Our goal at Neighborhood Barre is to provide you with a full spectrum of classes that are sustainable for your body, while seeing results quickly. We don’t want you to go-for-broke, and potentially burn out or injure yourself. We want you to feel re-energized, like you’re using your time most efficiently, and like your body is getting seriously stronger with each class – your most powerful self.

Consider what your goals are in 2019, and where you may fall into the suggested categories below:
Tone (looking to stay healthy and active, while building lean muscle tone and improving energy. Great for those new to barre, pre/post-natal, or have a chronic injury.)

  • A minimum of 3 Barre All Levels classes weekly.

Firm (looking to sculpt a deeper muscle tone, lose fat, and improve endurance and flexibility.)

  • 3 Barre All Levels classes, and a minimum of 1 barrePOWER, barreFLOW or barreHIIT class weekly.

Burn (looking to lose weight, improve fat loss, and increase muscular endurance and conditioning.)

  • 2 Barre All Levels classes, 2 barreHIIT classes, and a minimum of 1 barrePOWER or barreFLOW class weekly.

Looking for something more custom? Ask your instructor or studio owner next time you’re in class! We’re happy to listen to your body’s needs, and personal fitness goals, to suggest a class schedule that would work best for you!