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Our Mission

Not your average barre class

NEIGHBORHOOD barre® is not your average barre class. Our method was created with YOU in mind. We know your story, we know what you want out of your workout, and we are committed to creating results driven classes that are fun, inviting, and truly change your body and your body image. You will never feel out of place, bored, or overwhelmed by our classes. There are no plateaus, and no such thing as needing to ‘be in shape’ before trying a class. Our classes are designed to meet you where you are – and we can’t wait to meet YOU!

The mission of NEIGHBORHOOD barre® is to offer all clients, whether beginner or advanced, a quick and effective way to transform their bodies. The studio will evoke a sense of comfort and encouragement in our clients’ quest
for improvement, free of judgment and comparison.”

Katy Richardson - Founder & Creator

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