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NB 2023 gift guide

Any last-minute gift givers out there!? Avoid giving the standard gift card and check out these thoughtful, trending gifts that are sure to please everyone on your list. Even if you’ve already gotten everything wrapped and ready under the tree, these may make your wish list to use some of that Christmas cash you’re getting in your stocking!

Health and Wellness

“Built to Move: The Ten Essential Habits to Help You Move Freely and Live Fully” – Amazon, $19

This is an amazing supplement to your barre or workout routine, for any BODY – Mobilization practices, stress-busting breath techniques, nutrition tips, it has it all. NEW YORK TIMES BEST SELLER • Simple and proven physical practices designed to improve the way your body feels—less stiffness! fewer aches and pain!—and boost the overall quality of your life, no matter how you spend your time.

“The definitive guide for building an all-around healthy and high-performing body and mind.” —Andrew Huberman, Professor of Neurobiology, Stanford University & Host of The Huberman Lab Podcast

Magna Fitness Towel: Magna – Ting – Geometry, $29

Meet your new favorite gym buddy! The Magna Fitness Towel has tiny magnets that allows it to attach to exercise equipment, stationary bikes and more for convenient hanging at the gym, at home and on the go. It’s fast-drying material is not only sweat-wicking, it’s made from recyclable materials, too!

NB crew grippy socks – your local studio or at nb.com, $19

We pride ourselves on being a barefoot studio, with our antimicrobial, eco-friendly cork flooring. But the adjustment from taking off your Uggs to walking around barefoot in the winter months can be jarring! These bestselling 1/4 crew socks cover the ankle. For added grip during your workouts and added warmth for your feet. Featuring the nb logo, and coming in two sizes.

Spouse, Partner, Connection

Date Night Subscription Box: 1, 3, 6, or 12 mo. – dateboxclub.com, starting at $46.95

  • Everything is included, no need to do any extra planning
  • Date night at home means you can plan your date night on your own schedule
  •  No need for a babysitter or Uber
  •  The dates are fun and spark a cover connection

Pickleball Set – Amazon, $35.99

Move over tennis!  With over 48 million Americans reporting playing at least once in 2022, pickleball has now been America’s fastest growing sport for 5 years in a row. Whether you’re a pickleball fanatic or looking to pick up a new hobby, this set has everything you need to excel on the courts.

Getaway (Cabins) Gift Card – Getaway.com, starting at $50 (peep their sale right now for bonus bucks on gift cards!)

We’re big fans of experiential gifts and nothing is better than uninterrupted quality time together, preferably via a quick getaway. Getaway’s outposts are designed to be more than a destination – a way to create distance from the relentless demands of work, schedules, and technology. Experience unscheduled, unstructured, and uninterrupted free time – not just for rest and rejuvenation, but to foster inspiration, creativity, and connection.

Furry Friends

Breed Discovery Kit – Wisdompanel.com, $85

A fun and creative gift for pup parents, this DNA kit will help them to understand their dog on a deeper level. Breed mix tells you more than “Shih Tzu” or “Lhasa Apso.”  It can tell you why your dog has to herd your whole family after dinner. Why they love chasing bunnies and hate baths. It can even tell you why they have that goofy underbite you’re obsessed with.

Native Pet Bone Broth for Cats and Dogs – Amazon, $17.99

Whether you have a picky pet eater, or just want your furry friend to experience a warm meal on a cold evening, this nutrient-dense bone broth is for all! Served as a treat, added to a meal, or made into a pet-safe gravy, this Bone Broth set keeps canines and felines cozy all season long.

Wyze Cam Pan V3 – Wyze.com, $34 (on sale for $25!)

Separation anxiety isn’t one-sided. Stay connected to your pet when traveling, at work, or even in the backyard (yep, it’s waterproof)! This panoramic, motion-tracking camera allows anxious parents to check in on their furbabies from wherever, whenever.


Hatch Rest Go – Hatch.com, $35

A portable sound machine for children and babies—designed to help lull kids to sleep at any place or any time. 10 snoozy sounds, one portable package. Clip it on your stroller, place it next to your travel crib and toss it into your diaper bag and away we go! Comes in 5 colors.

Illuminated Doodle Pillowcase – uncommongoods.com, $22

A bedroom full of fireflies trained to light up in formation would be wonderful. Short of that, try this amazing pillowcase that lets little night owls draw with light. Just doodle in the cartoon cloud or heart with the included light pen (or any light source, like your phone flashlight), and your scribble will glow for about five minutes. The luminescent lines gradually fade, leaving a clean canvas for the next nocturnal masterpiece. No-mess fun for slumber parties or nightly creations, it’s 100% cotton and machine washable. 

A Year of Activity Merit Badges – uncommongoods.com, $42

Have trouble getting your kiddo off the iPad and outside or playing? Encourage them to discover the small wonders hidden in the everyday with an exclusive collection of merit badges. With three family activities to complete per season (and two bonus pins for Black History Month), your child can proudly display their accomplishments throughout the year. This reusable collection comes with 14 metal merit badges. Examples include pins for baking cookies in the winter or painting outside in the summer.

Home Body

Starter Kit Candles – sibling.co, $68

Candle making gets a modern makeover from this DIY kit. Think clean-burning coconut wax and nontoxic fragrance, with notes of bergamot and musk. The Forever Vessel is handmade by Guten Co, a functional ceramics studio. Each vessel is made by hand and designed to become a heritage piece. 

Pro tip: use their “scent finder” quiz to customize this one-of-a-kind gift.

Stay Cool Adjustable Laptop Desk – uncommongoods.com, $39

Bring a comforting coolness to your computer with this adjustable bamboo desk featuring a pair of built-in USB-powered fans.

  • Find the sitting and set-up position that works best for you thanks to an adjustable tray designed for laptops from 11″ to 16″.
  • Its flat top provides enough room to keep a notebook, a mobile phone, or a drink within reach (there’s even an indent to prevent cup or mug slippage).
  • Includes a side drawer to fit earbuds, pens, and other office essentials.

Glass Rinser – amazon, $49

For the ultimate hostess, mama, or anyone with a big family! This cool kitchen gadget has 9 powerful spray holes that rotate when spraying water. Quickly clean cups in 360°, saving time and effort. From baby bottles to wine glasses to travel cups, it conveniently rinses virtually any drinkware. Faster and Easier than Soaking or Scrubbing. And food-grade silicone gasket protects cups from being damaged.