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NEIGHBORHOOD barre Buffalo is located in the District West Lofts in the heart of the city of Buffalo.  Located between Forest Ave and Bidwell Parkway, walking distance from the Elmwood Village Farmers Market.  We offer boutique fitness classes that are accessible to everyone and provide the “neighborhood” feel that Buffalo is known for.



Studio Amenities

Free Parking | Cubbies | Water | Retail Shop

What to Bring

We provide all of your equipment! Feel free to bring water and a small towel if you prefer.

Cancellation Policy

If you are not able to make class, please cancel at least 2 hours prior to your class to avoid a late cancel or no-show fee.


1020 Elmwood Avenue
Buffalo, NY 14222


Meet the Owners

JulieAnn is a Buffalo native, spent 20+ years in public education as a special education teacher, and school administrator.  JulieAnn fell in love with the barre method 8 years ago down south and started taking classes quickly after and never stopped.  She had a dream a few years ago about opening her own barre studio and during covid found Neighborhood barre.  She and Kim flew to Knoxville, Tennessee to meet founder & CEO Katy and never looked back.  The “Dream Chasers” decided to go for it and bring Neighborhood barre to BUFFALO. Julie lives in Lancaster, a suburb of Buffalo with her 17-year old son and cat.

Kim is a Buffalo native, Kim has been an elementary teacher for 20+ years.  As an avid fitness lover she has instructed in many different formats but decided barre was her perfect match. Her and Julie connected through barre classes and quickly shared their passion for barre.  Over coffee the 2 decided to fly to Knoxville,Tennessee and learn about Neighborhood barre.  The rest is history.  Kim is an animal lover, she lives in Buffalo with her dog and cat

JulieAnn & Kim – Buffalo, NY