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Navigating Goal Setting in 2019

You know what time of year it is….the new year. Which means new mindset, new momentum, and biggest of, all new GOALS. We all make them, but do we keep them? We want to challenge you to view your goals this year with a different mindset. Take your goals off the pedestal of perfection, and consider your goals as perpetual, meaning they are evolving stair steps to get you where you want to go in life. They are not a harsh, black and white outcome that should make you feel stressed, hopeless, or ultimately dejected.
So how do we do this? Consider setting compass goals this year! While the destination, or result, does matter, the journey is just as important with this type of goal. By thinking of your goals as a compass, your focus on the direction, or path that you want to follow to get there. By approaching your goals this way, you’re already achieving them each time by taking the smallest step forward.

Here’s your check-points to develop your compass goals:

  • Is this something I can see myself pursuing – and enjoying, with excitement – despite its difficulty?
  • Can I set small weekly, or bi-monthly actions – that I’ll stick with consistently AND be able to adjust when needed until I reach my goal?
  • Do I have a way of measuring my progress, and rewarding myself along the way?
  • Will I be ok with not getting the outcome I want, because I recognize just as much value will be in the journey regardless?

If you can’t say yes, truthfully, to the last one, mark it off the list. You don’t want to set yourself up for a make-it-or-break-it mentality. Having this mindset takes loads of pressure off meeting the goal, while having the freedom to achieve something if you do what it takes, even if that action plan changes along the way.
Like any traditional goal, compass goals aren’t nearly as effective unless you write them down with a planned completion date, and assign a category to them. Consider primary categories like Health, Wealth, Love, and Community. Now it’s time to map out your action plan. Here’s an example:

If it’s your compass goal to burn five pounds of fat, then your map could look something like:
My Why: To feel lighter, stronger, and more energetic
Action 1: Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day, and three cups of vegetables daily.
Action 2: Go to the gym or a strength training class 3 times per week, and complete 1 cardio class every Saturday.
Compass: I weigh myself every (other) Monday to keep track of how much weight I’m losing.
Your why must be your intrinsic motivation, i.e. your natural motivator regardless of your action plans – as those realistically may change along the way. Think of the two most important actions for you (not what someone else is doing, especially on Instagram), and begin there. Using our example above, you may find 4 weeks in that three cups of vegetables isn’t working for your diet. So maybe you adjust to two cups of vegetables and 5 more grams of fiber. Maybe you realize the effect late nights or poor sleep is having on your diet and exercise and instead you focus on getting to bed one hour earlier. Your actions will likely need to be adjusted to make continual progress.

Obstacles will inevitably occur, and you may lose steam along the way. That’s why planning some small rewards in advance will be important. Remember to mirror your rewards with your Why. If your why is to lose become stronger and have more energy, your reward shouldn’t be a cheat meal or sweets. Maybe it’s a specialty exercise class or wellness workshop. Maybe it’s a sauna session or massage. Or maybe it’s a new workout tank or headband.
Remember your deadlines are there to fuel you, but not restrain you. Developing a map and compass for your goals is more important than having a completion date. Using a compass allows you to see how close you are to your destination, so that you can make adjustments that will take you to your goal faster, and stay on track throughout the year.
Finally, and most importantly, remember that who you become along the way is the most important outcome. There is no “I made it” mentality, as you’ll always be striving for growth in different areas of your life. Every goal achieved brings on a new set of responsibilities, so be willing to take those responsibilities in advance, and have the mindset of growth.
We wish you the best version of yourself in 2019 – through one compass goal at a time J