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How Boundless Beliefs Can Create Limitless Change: 3 Life Hacks To Get You There

Karma. You get what you give. You are what you think. The strength of your mind is not a novel theory, but have you actually explored what it means (and the scientifically proven outcomes of your mental state and overall wellbeing)? Here’s your road map to change your mind and drastically improve your life for the better.
In a world where self care is as trendy as the blockbuster high-waisted swimsuit this summer, no one seems to be focused on their mindset for improving one’s health. We are all for proper diet and plenty of exercise (duh), and big fans of adaptogens and tonics that can reduce your stress, anxiety, and improve your sleep. But here’s your real talk PSA: until you fix what’s going on inside your head, you’ll be unable to improve your life.
So how do we change the way we think, not only about ourselves, but about those around us, our circumstances, and our life situation? Accepting ALL of you is the key, and changing your mindset to become acutely present is the game changer.
Start by improving your energy. Start becoming incredibly alert to what you are doing right now. Be conscientious of how quickly your mind wonders. How long does it take for a new thought to pop into your head – 5 seconds, 10 seconds, one second?! When feeling stressed, anxious or down, ask yourself – ‘What is wrong with me right now?’ Not your past, not your future, but truly right at this very singular second? Become incredibly alert in that moment. Bring consciousness into the negative thought or action by awakening to the very present moment, and you’ll be able to cancel out your ego. Your ego is responsible for the fear and worry of the future, or the pain and emotional hurt of your past that you may be holding on to. Being in a present state allows for a better mindset of abundance. When you can’t get out of your own head, try to get grounded with the earth. Walk barefoot on grass or dirt, sit with your back against a tree, or go for a hike.  Increase your sun exposure and take slow, cleansing breaths outside with fresh air. As woo-woo as it may sound, it’s effective. Connecting to the now will slow your mind, refocus your energy, and improve your mood.

Practice preaching that you are enough – to yourself. Your own worst enemy is yourself, more specifically your ego. We are usually so unaware of the subconscious, negative self talk going on all day our minds, that we don’t even consider changing the internal conversation. Start practicing observing your inner thoughts, and your reactions. Become very present of any negative words or behaviors that you’re inflicting on yourself, and address your ego head-on. Write “I am enough” in multiple places you’ll see throughout the day – on your bathroom mirror, on your computer screen, in the car, by your night stand, etc. Each time you see it, say it aloud. Make a habit of thinking about, and listing aloud, all the reasons why you are enough when you have more ‘free’ time, like brushing your teeth, on your commute, in the shower, during the cool down in barre class ;), etc.
Repetition is key to forming a pattern of thought and imprinting a new belief about yourself. When you fully integrate this belief (give the above exercise 110% sister!!), you will likely no longer rely on a vice – whether it’s food, drinking, a dependency on another person (or their approval), to fill a void in your life. Hence accepting yourself perfectly as you are. You’ll no longer need to look externally for fulfillment, only within.

Create Limitless Beliefs. When you believe anything is truly possible, and manifest the life or person you want to become, opportunities present themselves in multiple ways. To get started, you want to identify your limiting beliefs. What’s holding you back? Detect patterns that are driving your ongoing behaviors. If you check emails right before you go to sleep, and then can’t sleep because you’re worried about your to-do list or stressed about work, then STOP checking your emails before bed. Literally place your phone outside of your bedroom. Just don’t get stuck on repeat by replacing one bad habit with another. Don’t swap out emails for surfing on Instagram before bed instead. Again this can potentially fill your subconscious with more often negative thoughts – comparison, self-lack, guilt or resentment, etc. (which will likely lead to poor sleep and a dissatisfied mindset).
Next choose a new belief: when I go to bed peacefully with no interruptions, my productivity skyrockets the next day, improving my efficacy and/or quality of my work. Or maybe you wake up in a deeper relaxed state and are more content with your life situation when you’re not living through others on the internet. Uncover the emotional payoff from this new belief: maybe it’s less anxiety and stress, which leads to a better relationship with your spouse, or work colleagues. Or maybe it’s more time at home spent with your kids because you’re working smarter and not harder. Or maybe it’s being fulfilled with less and able to enjoy what you already have more frequently. Then look for evidence to support and empower this belief. Create a vision board if you like the idea of a visual reminder/inspiration, or seek out relevant articles, podcasts or audiobooks that put your new belief into presence.
Lastly, follow through: ensure you’re acting on your new beliefs. Continue to check in with yourself. Your best will vary from day to day depending on how you feel. But know that when you show up fully and do your best, that’s enough.