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10 reasons why nbLIVESTREAM is right for you, right now.

Let’s face it, COVID is here to stay in the indefinite future. And that means limited ability to leave your home, and lots of precautions and even mandates when you do to keep your personal plus the public’s safety in order. So what’s a gal to do when she just needs to break a sweat every now and again?
Enter nbLIVESTREAM. We officially kicked off our global schedule June 1, 2020, and so far, thousands of women have logged on to get in a quick burn + sweat sesh from home (or vacation, work, anywhere!). If you still haven’t tried a class live with us yet, or tried it once a while back and decided “it’s not for me”, we’re here to tell you why nbLIVESTREAM is right for you, right now.

  1. Variety. If you’ve been to our studios before, you know that you may never take the same class twice with us. We write out new exercise sets daily, with endless combinations and variations to keep our clients excited and challenged for class. And we’re delivering the same “keep your muscles guessing” experience from home. Not only is each day’s class unique and catered to the at-home experience, we offer several varying class styles – all barre-based and full-body – to keep you toned and destressed from home. Check out our new barre30 when you’re short on time but want to chase the shake in record time. Looking for interval/circuit training with optional added cardio? Try barreHIIT. Ready to take your classic barre practice to the next level? Choose barrePOWER to boost your endurance and resistance training with no equipment needed.
  2. Safety. We are doing everything we can to proactively keep you safe, our staff cautious, and our studios disinfected and thoroughly clean. But when you have a family member, colleague, or you yourself are at high-risk for COVID, you simply cannot chance going out in public right now. You are however in complete control of your environment with nbLIVESTREAM. You choose who is there, your location, and what optional props or equipment you may or may not want to use. You are able to negate your exposure completely while still getting a fun, effective and immune-and-mood-boosting workout to keep you strong and resilient when you need it the most.
  3. Accountability. There’s a reason why studio classes are so popular. When there’s a set of eyes on you at all times (i.e. your instructor), and you’re surrounded by your peers (hence the creation of the word peer pressure – in the best way!), you work 200% harder. Think about the last time you tried to hoof it on a treadmill at the Y, or watched a YouTube yoga video at home saying aloud “wait – what? Am I doing this right?” You probably didn’t even finish the workout – right? The collective energy of exercising together, versus solo, is undeniable. nbLIVESTREAM provides fresh music, motivational and personalized instruction, and you can see everyone who’s also showing up to take class alongside you, via Zoom. Don’t forget to leave your camera ON, for 2-way interactive video conferencing, to get the full effect.
  4. Time Saver. On average, Americans spend almost 9 hours a week in their car. That’s a lot of wasted time commuting back and forth daily! Whereas you may not have had time to squeeze in a class more than once or twice a week before, you likely can get in an extra class or two per week from home now with all that commute time you’re saving. We are spending more time from home than ever before, so the question simply becomes – how are you spending it? Finding space for a ‘new’ class time you perhaps never could have done before (like 7 am, because you wouldn’t get home until 8:15 am and your husband needs to leave by 8 am), are now available to you. You finish class at 7:30 am from home and even have time to hit the showers before he leaves, winning! Can’t do a 6:30 pm studio class because you wouldn’t get home until close to 8 pm and the kids’ bed time is 7:45 pm? Not a problem anymore, you’re done by 7:15 pm with time to spare for TWO books tonight (#bestmomever)! There are lots of ‘non-traditional’ class times to choose from on nbLIVESTREAM, while still keeping the ‘gold-standard’ and ever-popular 8:30 am/9:30 am/noon/4:30 pm/5:30 pm class times as well.
  5. Connection. I don’t know about you, but I am desperate to talk to anyone right now. I find myself chatting up the person filling their tank next to me at the gas station, whereas before I’d briskly hop back into my car and dive into my cell phone while I pumped. I am asking grocery store clerks where items are in the store, that I buy every week and know exactly where they are, just to start a conversation. We are hard-wired to connect as humans, and it’s something you truly can’t 100% replace in a virtual world. This is why most clients tell us they prefer nbLIVESTREAM to watching a recorded workout. You feel like you’re getting as close as possible to a “real life” experience. You can see other people doing the exact same exercise as you in real time. You can use the chat box to leave comments or unmute yourself before/after class to ask the instructor questions. And women love seeing women who are actually like themselves in class. Women who have kids roaming around their living room too during their class. Women whose dogs are napping next to their mat or whose cats are swatting at a class prop in their living room to. Women who are in their basement or garage too, because that’s the only place in the house where they can workout uninterrupted for a few minutes. We are all in this together, and doing it together makes things seem a little less isolating.
  6. Judgement-Free Zone. The days of coordinating crop tops and leggings, wearing mascara, and cutesy barre braids are long gone, my friend. And the truth is that no. one. cares. right now. No one cares what you’re wearing from home. You can be in a t-shirt and shorts, in you sweats or pjs, or maybe in a sports bra when you never would have dropped dead showing up to a studio class in only your bra. You get the drift. Roll out of bead and throw on a ball cap; wear socks or workout barefoot; use props or nothing at all; work out alone or grab your spouse or roomie; anything goes from home. If you think you are too ‘out of shape’ to do a barre class, or if you would never dare to try barreHIIT in front of others, NOW is the time. What would you do if nobody was watching? Would you let yourself feel silly? Would you be willing to try something you’d normally be afraid of being compared or judged by others? nbLIVESTREAM is your permission to show up exactly as you are and do whatever you can today.
  7. The Challenge. Nobody said it was easy. No one ever said it would be this hard. If I could shatter a myth about barre, this would be it. You see these little movements, and minimal props, in class. You see the ballet barre and think slow, graceful exercises that require coordination and a minimum of 3 years’ dance experience. You are wrong. This is one of the most difficult bodyweight classes ever created. You will feel muscles in your body that you maybe didn’t even realize existed. Your muscles will grow tired and spasm and you may initially be shocked at how fast your body fatigues. It is HARD. But it is rewarding. You will realize quickly how capable you are of doing things you may have always written off (like push ups on your toes, or planking for a full two minutes, whoa!). You will sculpt muscles in your arms, legs, glutes, and waist that create shape without the bulk. You will feel stronger than you ever have, and you will keep coming back for more. It’s the only healthy addiction we condone 😉
  8. Accessibility. There is no commitment, no contract, and no ‘brick and mortar’ pricing with nbLIVESTREAM. We want to continue to deliver our service in a safe, accessible and affordable atmosphere, and nbLIVESTREAM allows a broader audience to achieve the same great results from home. You can sign up and pay $25 weekly for unlimited access, with the ability to cancel at any time, no questions asked. Assess your subscription as you need week-to-week, and choose to pause, cancel, or rejoin when you need to! Or simply drop-in live for a single class for just $9 from time-to-time when your schedule allows.
  9. Cultivate Routine. The biggest thing missing from COVID-life is consistency! All of our previous habits are gone. You almost certainly have a new work schedule, home schedule, and most definitely a social schedule. When your life feels out of control, much like it does now for most of us, creating a personal routine gives you that sense of control and normalcy back. You can set one small goal for yourself right now to reinstate confidence – back in to your body, your mind, and your spirit. We think a goal of 2-3 livestream classes a week is a great place to start and stay to maintain results. When you can create a habit of working out from home, it becomes your new normal. And when you start achieving those small goals, you build more confidence and start taking larger steps to build momentum. It’s only up from here!
  10. Start Today. You don’t need to buy a bike or costly equipment, sign up for a challenge, take measurements, count macros or calories burned, or do/buy anything to work out with NEIGHBORHOOD barre. You just need yourself. You can take class in the next 30 minutes if you wanted to get started today. We offer class times ranging from 6 am to 7 pm est, and you don’t need any equipment to take any of our class offerings from home. We do suggest you use small hand weights, but water bottles or canned bottles can easily do the trick from home (or simply flex/squeeze your muscles without any props!). Our classes are completely accessible for all fitness levels (we even have a livestream instructor who is currently teaching classes pregnant!), and are fun and empowering. We can’t wait for you to try it out for yourself. All you need is a free Zoom account, and an open attitude. If you’re ready to join our supportive community and take one of our signature classes from home, click here now to try your first livestream class with us completely free! When the “nbLIVESTREAM” box pops up, enter your email address and click “I want a free class” and we’ll send you the details to view the schedule and get started. If you’ve already tried a free class, we have an offer for you too. Buy one week unlimited classes for $25, and your second week is on us! We’re so confident you’ll love it 3-5 classes in, that we’ll buy your second week for you! Just email info@neighborhoodbarre.com with the subject “Redeem BOGO livestream please!” and we’ll take care of you. We can’t wait to catch you in the Zoom nb studio room soon 🙂