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Tuck And Roll – Our Favorite Barre Beats

We get lots of questions and comments about our playlists here at Neighborhood Barre. Where do we get the music? How do we pick the songs? Who sings… (fill in the blank)?
Truth be told, it takes a lot of thought to put together the ‘perfect’ barre mix; and lucky for us, we know the right people. Our wonderfully creative client, Jon Stevens, supplies us with mixes at least once a month. This gives us an extensive library of music that is not necessarily ‘popular’, which is good for you, because then you won’t hear “..and tuck, tuck, tuck..” in your head every time you turn on the radio. We time all of the playlists the same as far as the songs picked for the warm-up, thigh set, seat set, etc.; and we try to keep the music up-beat and motivating, while also popping in those tunes that make you want to tap your foot and sing along. What are our favorite barre beats from now and past playlists?
1. Must Land Running – Stepdad
2. Never Gonna Leave Me – SIa
3. Push It – Salt-N-Peppa
4. Got What You Wanted – Hanson
5. Tricky – Run D.M.C.
6. Something Like This – Scissor Sisters
7. Humdrum Town – Theophilus London
8. Life On TV – Kid Sister
9. Promises – Nero
10. Electric Feel – MGMT