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Owner Snapshot: Mindset Shifts

Mindset Shifts

Being a small business owner is not for the faint of heart.  Recently, Katy Richardson sat down with a few of our studio owners to talk about how  making strategic shifts in the day-to-day business tasks  can lead to big improvements, both professionally and personally.  

Often there will be a spark that leads a studio owner to take stock of their priorities and processes.   It can be a personal matter, such as a new baby on the way or just being unwilling to keep things the way they are.   So a mindset shift where, asking for help, or,  giving up the old excuses can lead to big changes.   Hear more about how these studio owners made some mindset shifts and along with the help of Neighborhood Barre improved their business and their sanity.  

To hear more about how Sam, Rikki and Kelsey created change in their businesses by making some strategic shifts  click the video above.  And if you live in the Concord, NC, Covington , KY or Newnan, GA, make sure to check out:

NB Concord

NB Covington

NB Newnan

 And if you would like to learn more about Neighborhood Barre Franchising, click HERE