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New Year, New Us..

The ladies of NB are bringing you a couple of our New Year’s resolutions, fashionably late of course. Apart from the overall resolution to stay faithful to our blog post in 2016 we wanted to share a few of our personal resolutions via myself, Anna, Hallie and Katy. See below:

Madison:1. be present…disconnect from technology/social media a few hours each week and weekend. Let the people I am with know the are my current priority!

2. learn to budget….still haven’t figured that one out/been able to kick my Starbucks habit, whoops.

3. travel more, there are so many places I am dying to check off my bucket list and there is no time like the present starting with a ski trip to Breckinridge, CO!


1. eat healthier!! Sugar sugar sugar. Definitely need to cut back on that stuff.

2. get organized… Starting with my car. I live in that thing.

3. learn to cook… and not just macaroni from the box


1. be more mindful of sugar … I LOVE Sugar.

2. dont drink my calories. I love water but at meals I usually want tea. Or Starbucks in the middle of the day, venti! I’ve found if I do hot water and lemon at meals I do much better.

3. meal planning… I used to be much more creative in the kitchen, now I wait to go to the grocery after my last class and just wander the aisles. So I need to prepare and play in the cookbooks ahead of time.

4. shock the body!! One thing I love about barre is it changes everyday! I want to keep moving and keep pushing my body to do more and get out of the comfort zone

1. travel more – I have given up a lot of opportunities to see and do things over the past 4 years, which is a sacrifice I had to make to give as much of my time as possible to my business. This year I will work on balance, trust, and letting my self ‘turn it off’ (occasionally) in an effort to reduce stress and increase my mental health.

2. be more mindful about nourishing my body – i have the physical aspect down, but will work on fueling my body vs. feeding my body. We all go through ups and downs with diet, I hope to remain on the up-swing in 2016.

3. let the little things go – it’s easy to get wrapped up and consumed by meaningless annoyances and senseless negativity. Attempting to practice the art of ‘rising above’ these things, and focusing more on the big picture.

We are so excited for 2016 and what it has in store!! Let us know your goals!