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Halloween at the barre

Gearing up for boo at the barre, or your regular barre class on Monday, but stressing about a costume (that you can still work out in)? We got you! These outfits can be thrown together with items you likely already have in your closet, and would also make great partner-themed costumes too! Toss in some key accessories and you’re good to go. We can’t wait to see what you come up with! Don’t forget to tag both your local studio and @neighborhood_barre in your posts.

1) Super Hero theme

Leggings: Red, blue, black or leggings with stars or stripes.

Top: A solid, coordinating color or anything with stars, stripes, or a hero emblem t-shirt (such as wonder woman, etc.).

Accessories: Cape, belt, headband or eye mask; red lipstick and star jewelry.

2) Animal theme

Leggings: Leopard, tiger striped or solid black, grey or white for a cat. Your shiniest or an iridescent pair for a unicorn. Black, or solid color for butterfly.

Top: A solid, coordinating color for a cat or a sparkly or iridescent top for a unicorn. 

Accessories: Unicorn/cat ears headband; furry cuffs, leg warmers and/or a tail; wings; whiskers and a nose drawn on; sparkly shadow and lipgloss.

3) Pop/Rock Star theme

Leggings: Black, faux leather, metallic or bright color.

Top: Black, leather, sequin, metallic, coordinating bright color, jersey.

Accessories: headset, sunglasses, glove(s), leather jacket, hat/headpiece, big jewelry, dramatic makeup.

4) Witch theme

Leggings: Black, purple, green, orange or striped.

Top: Black or coordinating color.

Accessories: Witch hat, tutu, broomstick, black hair wig, striped socks; green face paint, a prosthetic nose, drawn on wart, dark makeup

5) Barre-bie/80’s theme

Leggings: Pink, white, metallic, or bright color.

Top: Pink, white, metallic, bright color, leotard, crop top, mesh/net top, tank with “barre-bie” written.

Accessories: High/side pony tail, blonde wig, pearls or big jewelry, leg warmers, belt, sweat band/cuffs, skirt, pink/neon/metallic makeup.

6) Angel/Devil theme

Leggings: White, red, black, silver/gold.

Top: White, red, black, silver/gold.

Accessories: Halo, wings, devil horns, devil tail, pitchfork, gold jewelry, red lipstick or shimmery/white makeup.

7) Halloween theme

Leggings: Black, orange or striped.

Top: Black, orange, halloween themed.

Accessories: Halloween headband, witch hat, tutu, boa, striped socks, face paint.

8) Athlete/Olympian theme

Leggings: White, blue, red, silver/gold, track pants.

Top: Leotard, white, blue, red, metallic/stars/stripes, American flag/olympic rings, track jacket, jersey.

Accessories: Gym shorts, tennis skirt, tennis shoes, team hat, gold medal, ball/racket/club, torch, ponytail, sweat band/cuffs. 

9) Skeleton/Day of the Dead theme

Leggings: Black, black with bones drawn on in white paint or taped on with white paper, skulls, floral.

Top: Black, white, silver/gold, skeleton/skulls shirt, floral, lace.

Accessories: floral headpiece or luau necklace, face paint, tutu/skirt, floral jewelry, red lipstick.

10) Ballerina theme

Leggings: White, pink, tights.

Top: White, pink, leotard, neighborhood barre tank.

Accessories: Tutu, skirt, bun, ballet slippers, ribbon belt, choker.