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5 Quick & Easy Hairstyles For The Barre!

Getting tired of buns and pony tails? Try these fun variations to spice up your look! They are quick and easy, but sure to impress!

  • Pineapple Upside Down Braid – Flip head upside down, and start a french braid from the base of your neck and braid toward the crown of your head. Take the braid to right above the ears and pull the top back and into a pony tail or bun. Ta-da!!!!
  • Messy Pony Tail – Pull hair back in a high pony tail. Flip head over and grab hair from the underside of the pony tail. Pull hair outwards to tighten the rubber band to your hair, pick up the slack from the under side of the pony tail, and in turn, add volume to the pony tail. The tighter you pull, the more volume that will be generated. Little spritz of hairspray and a scrunch adds even more messy and volume.
  • Fishtail Braid – Divide your hair into two large sections down the middle of your head (like you are making pigtails). Pull a thin strand of hair from the outside of the first section (either right or left, your choice). The strand of hair has to go over the first section and then finish under the second section. Do the same thing on the other side, pulling a skinny strand of hair out from the outside of the second section and over this section, then weave it under the first section. Repeat until you reach the end of your hairs length! Looks great finished with a glitter pony!!!
  • Big Angled Braid (The Katniss) – Part hair on side like you would normally do when styling. Start on the short side of the part and divide hair into 3 sections. French braid down the side of your head and then around the back, pulling sections from the top and bottom of your head accordingly. Once you have wrapped around, pull hair over shoulder and finish with a side braid, or tuck the ends under into a bun. Leave long bangs out of the braid, & then pin back with bobby pin. Let it be messy! Don’t try to braid tight and perfect, just go with it.
  • Braided Bun – Hair can stay parted, or be pulled straight back. Start french braid that is even with your ears. Braid down the length of your hair and then twist around into a bun and secure with pony tail holder. Bam. It’s that easy.*Creative props to Amy Syx who inspired this entry with the Pineapple Upside Down Braid.