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"The mission of Neighborhood barre™ is to offer all clients, whether beginner or advanced, a quick and effective way to transform their bodies. The studio will evoke a sense of comfort and encouragement in our clients' quest for improvement, free of judgment and comparison."
Katy Richardson
Certified Yoga Instructor

Neighborhood barre™ is owned and operated by Katy Richardson. Katy is a certified yoga instructor and graduated from Samford University with a Bachelors of Science in Business Administration, Concentrating in Finance, and a secondary degree in Accounting. She has embraced a healthy and active lifestyle since a young age participating in both cheerleading and outdoor sports. Her passion for cheerleading carried over into college where she was a member of the Samford University cheerleading squad for four years. During her college career she began to develop an interest in other non-traditional forms of exercise, including yoga and pilates. She was first introduced to barre-based exercise in 2009 and has pursued her passion for the technique by studying and training in a variety of methods. Having seen the change it has made in her own body, she believes in the NEIGHBORHOOD barre technique and it's ability to transform ANY body.


So what is Barre SKINNY? Get ready to sweat, shake, and CHANGE your body with the ultimate 55 minute barre-fitness workout. Join us as the ladies of Neighborhood barre™ lead you through a total body routine that is safe and effective for every fitness level, from pre-natal to advanced. Isometric movements, followed by a series of stretches, are used to help carve, shape, and lengthen your physique.

The workout is low-impact, easy on the joints, and suitable for a wide range of ages. Modifications are provided throughout the workout, allowing you to work at your own level-whether beginner or experienced in the technique. Accompanying equipment, such as the Neighborhood barre™ ball, band, and mat, can be purchased at our online store.

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