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We're bringing a new tone to Music City, now with two convenient locations, in Brentwood and Green Hills. Welcome to your local neighborhood studio hangout! The atmosphere at NB Nashville is laid back, classes are taken at your own pace, and the instructors are 'real' people who know your name. You are welcome here. We offer childcare during select class times, see the asterisked class times listed on our schedule below. Get social with us to take advantage of exclusive offers and contests on Facebook and Instagram, and learn more about our current specials.

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Parking is available in the back of the building, the side (Bank of TN side), with additional parking lots shared along the outer perimeter for Mall parking
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NB Green Hills Classes
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Class Description
  • Barre - Our signature barre class is a 55 minute, low impact, full-body workout that combines the elements of dance conditioning, pilates, and weight training.  Muscles are worked to exhaustion using body weight, hand weights, bands, tubes and exercise balls while utilizing the ballet barre.   After each segment those muscles are stretched while warm.   When done consistently, this barre workout will tighten, sculpt and lift the thighs, seat, upper body and core.  
  • barreBLAST - Get ready to pick up the pace and intensify the burn during this 45 minute barre and cardio fusion class! Our barreBLAST class combines bursts of full-range moves with small isometric moves to create a happy medium of cardio and strength training. The focus of this class is to maximize cardio and caloric burn, while still providing strength training at the barre! This class is challenging, yet approachable to all fitness levels. We do strongly encourage clients to attend at least one traditional barre class before attending a barreBLAST class with us!
  • barreBASICS - A slower-paced class geared towards beginners or anyone who might need additional modifications for our signature class. This class is only 45 minutes in length and covers the basics of our technique. Expect slower set-ups and less changes as we focus on proper alignment and safety.
  • barreEXPRESS - Get all of the burn and shake you would find in our signature class in this fast-paced 45 minute version - the perfect lunch hour class!
  • barreSTRETCH - This 60 minute class is the perfect combo of our 45 minute barreEXPRESS class with 20 minutes of yoga paired at the end to maximize the strengthening and lengthening of your Nb bod!
Pricing and Specials
  • New and Inactive Clients, get 30 Days for $30! Act NOW, this sale won't last long!
  • Memberships:
  • 3 Month Unlimited auto-renew $139 per month (requires 3 month commitment)
  • 3 Month, 4 Class Pass Monthly auto-renew: $59 per month (requires 3 month commitment)
  • Annual Unlimited Monthly auto-renew: $119 per month (requires 12 month commitment)
  • Pre-Paid Class Packages:
  • One Month Unlimited $189
  • Single Class Drop-In $23
  • 10 Classes $200 (expires 3 months from purchase)
  • 20 Classes $380 (expires 6 months from purchase)
  • 30 Classes $510 (expires 1 year from purchase)
  • Complimentary with any Nb Package, or $5 Drop-In For Class Pass Clients
  • Cancellation/Late Arrival Policies
  • New clients, please arrive 10-15 minutes before class.  We would like to meet you and answer any questions before class.
  • If you are not able to make class, please cancel at least 2 hours prior to your class to avoid a late cancel or no-show fee.
  • If you need to leave class early, we understand!   But trust us, you don't want to miss the cool-down unless you absolutely have to! The benefits of stretching are part of what make our technique so successful!
  • You're busy, we know! But please try to limit the use of cell phones during class to emergencies only. It is distracting to your instructor and workout partners. Take this time to unplug and focus on giving your all in class!
  • Please sign up for your classes in advance.  This helps to hold you accountable as well as allowing your teacher to prepare the best class possible! You can book classes easily via the Neighborhood Barre app (link above!).
  • What to Bring/Expect
    We provide all of the equipment! Feel free to bring water (we have plenty at the studio if you forget) and a small towel. Socks are not required!
    Our Story
    Not all barre studios are the same. At NEIGHBORHOOD barre, our classes are fast-paced, have a high calorie burn, and our instructors are welcoming and encouraging, providing both upper and lower level modifications for all fitness levels. During our 55-minute sessions, you will experience a low impact, full-body workout that incorporates weight training, isometrics, dance-conditioning, and strategically placed stretching. Our workouts are efficient, effective and are proven to produce body-changing results in as little as two weeks, if done consistently. Nb Greenhills opened in May of 2017! We are locally owned and operated and our instructors are expertly training in the NEIGHBORHOOD barre technique to ensure you get the most out of every class at our studio. We love your feedback! Please drop us a line to let us know if we can ever make your experience better
    NB Green Hills  |  2210 Crestmoor Road, Nashville, TN 37215
    (615) 645-1153
    Looking for some serious job love? We are always looking for qualified candidates to join our growing team! Whether your skills are behind the desk or in the studio, send us your resume and we'll be in touch. inquire today!
    NB Green Hills
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