Neighborhood Barre™ is a unique workout that combines the elements of dance conditioning, pilates, and weight training to create what is commonly referred to as a “dancer’s physique.” The technique primarily uses small isometric movements to carve and sculpt the muscles of the arms, legs, seat, and abs. Each set of exercises is followed by a series of stretches to shape the muscles, making them long and lean.

The Neighborhood Barre™ workout is suitable for both male and female patrons and can be performed by a wide range of ages. It can be used as either a primary fitness program or as a complement to an existing program. Body positioning is taught in each class in order to maximize the benefit of the exercises, as well as to insure safety of the lower back. All movements are low impact, easy on the joints, and help to improve posture and balance. When done consistently, muscles will become toned and lifted, and overall energy and metabolic levels will improve. We offer a variety of class types that are all barre-based and full-body, using different types of resistance equipment like gliding discs and ankle weights to give our clients multiple ways to move and burn. All class types compliment one another and aid in well-rounded fitness program in which your body will never plateau. No two classes are ever the same and we can't wait for you to come experience the Neighborhood Barre™ difference. See your local studio for more details on class offerings.

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