meet our amazing staff

An elementary counselor by day, Amber has turned barre instructor by early morning and night. She grew up training in various forms of dance, but mainly concentrating in ballet. She is featured in barre SKINNY Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 and had attended more classes at Neighborhood Barre than any other client before converting to instructor.
Angela is a full time mommy to baby boy, Sam, and a part time booty kicker at the barre! She has competed in dance competitions, triathlons, and half-marathons - just to name a few. Her incredible strength and grace makes even the toughest set of thighs look like a breeze, so get ready to shake and sweat through a SUPER-set every time you sign up to take with Ang!
Anna is a recent graduate of UTK and started taking classes at NEIGHBORHOOD barre her Junior year. Since then she has worked her way up from client, to instructor, to Studio Operations Manager and Franchise Support Specialist. She keeps her classes (and the rest of us) on task and in check!
Christine is a full time mom to two boys, who keep her very busy. Needless to say, her time at the barre is well deserved. Her resume consists of teaching kickboxing and bootcamp-style classes, which resinate to her Nb classes through her strong presence and voice. She has been able to overcome injury through the Nb technique and has used it to cross train with running and other workouts.
Hallie comes from a dance background and even worked as a coach for dance teams and individuals throughout college and beyond. When she wasn't busting a move at Catholic High School, you could find her on the track, pole vaulting her way to the University of Alabama. She now spends her nights and weekends at the barre, sweating, shaking, and pulsing her way to a better bod!
Katie's classes are fun and dynamic! She grew up a gymnast turned cheerleader and even cheered for the University of Tennessee throughout her college career. Katie attended classes at Nb for over a year before deciding to become a certified instructor. She believes in the Neighborhood Barre technique and knows first-hand the changes it can make in anyone's life!
Kim is a fit mommy who has spent many hours carving and toning at the barre! She was a client through her entire pregnancy and decided to turn what she loves into her main hobby once she switched from working woman to full-time mom.
Krista's classes are lighthearted, fun, and full of spunk - just like her! We love her attitude and passion for helping others. She has been active in many different workouts throughout the years, but Neighborhood Barre is something that she always used to cross train with her other activities. Krista knows the meaning of a well rounded workout and it shows!
Morgan T.
Morgan is originally from Nashville, TN and moved to Knoxville to attend UTK! She ended up staying and currently spends her days at Jewelry Television when she's not at the barre. Her favorite part of class? Toning those booties, of course! Be sure to sign up for her class if you want to feel the burn!